Code of Conduct

All participants involved in the school system- students, parents or guardians, volunteers, teachers and other staff members - are included in this Code of Conduct whether they are on school property, on school buses or at school-authorized events or activities.


I have the right to:

* feel safe and be safe;

* be listened to;

* learn and be encouraged;

* be successful;

* feel that I belong;

* be treated fairly with dignity and respect.

I have the responsibility to:

* work hard to master the curriculum presented;

* demonstrate self-discipline and self-control;

* show respect for myself, for others and for those in authority;

* be accountable for my actions;

* show respect for school property and the property of others;

* know and follow school rules;

* complete projects, assignments and homework;

* honour a “hands off” policy;

* wear clothing that is appropriate based on the school dress code policy;

* not bring anything to school that may compromise the safety of others;

* not take advantage of any privileges.


I have the right to:

* be treated with dignity and respect;

* be heard and have concerns addressed;

I have the responsibility to:

* abide by the code of conduct and board policies;

* have my child to school on time;

* encourage good learning habits;

* have my child appropriately prepared;

* teach my child self-discipline;

* help maintain a positive learning environment;

* promptly report to the school my child’s absence, late arrival or early dismissal;

* work with school staff in dealing with discipline issues;

* check for unfinished homework or assignments.


I have the right to:

* be treated with dignity and respect;

* have a safe working environment.

I have the responsibility to:

* model good citizenship;

* help students work to their full potential and develop their self-worth;

* maintain consistent standard of behaviour for all students;

* maintain regular and meaningful lines of communication with parents;

* set reasonable consequences;

* respect and reinforce school expectations;

* include parents and students in creating a positive environment at school.


(In addition to staff rights/responsibilities)

I have the responsibility to:

* demonstrate care and

commitment to academic

excellence and a safe teaching

and learning environment;

* hold everyone, under my authority, accountable for their behaviour and actions;

* communicate regularly and meaningfully with all members of the school community.